Record Tests

Tests consist of test actions to be performed with a tested page.

TestCafe Studio provides a set of actions that you can use in tests. These actions are organized into different categories in the Test Editor's Actions panel. For example, On-Page Actions simulate user actions - clicks, key presses, drags, etc. on your tested page. The actions in the Assertions category allow you to perform different verifications.

Actions Panel

Actions have parameters that enable you to specify a target element and define how the action should be performed.

Action Parameters

You can create tests:

  • by recording test actions;
  • by adding test actions to a test manually in the Test Editor.

The following sections provide detailed information about recording tests:

Record Configurations

You can record tests in local browsers. TestCafe detects browsers on the local computer and adds them to the Record configuration drop-down menu. Before recording a test, select the record configuration from the list.

Record Congiruation Menu

You can click the Settings button button and use the Record Configuration dialog to modify record configuration options.

Record Configuration Dialog

Create Fixtures

Recorded tests must be organized into categories called fixtures. A fixture contains tests for a single target URL, and you usually have one fixture per website page.

Follow the steps below to create a fixture:

  1. Open a test directory.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • In the Explorer panel, click Create a New Fixture button.
    • Right-click a test directory or subdirectory in the Explorer panel and select New Fixture from the context menu to open the Fixture Properties dialog.
  3. Specify the fixture's properties and click Create.

    Creating a Fixture

TestCafe Studio creates the fixture and opens it in the Fixture Editor.

After the fixture is created, you can start recording tests.

If you start recording a test from the Welcome page, TestCafe Studio automatically creates a new fixture.

Create Tests

You can create a test manually, or skip this step and go to recording. When you start recording, TestCafe Studio automatically creates a new test. See Start and Stop Recording.

To create an empty test:

  1. Open the context menu for a desired fixture in the Explorer panel and select New Test.
  2. In the Create Test dialog, specify the test name and click Create.

    Creating a Test

TestCafe Studio creates a test with the specified name and opens it in the Test Editor. Next, add actions to the test from the Actions panel manually or record them. To start recording, click the Record test actions button Record test actions button on the Test Editor's toolbar.

Start and Stop Recording

Do any of the following to start recording a new test:

  • Select a fixture in the Explorer panel and click Start recording a test Record a New Test.
  • Click Start recording a test Record a new test on the Fixture Editor's toolbar.
  • Click Start recording a test Start recording a test on the Welcome page.

TestCafe Studio creates a new test, adds it to the fixture and starts recording test actions. See During Recording.

To stop recording, close the browser or click Stop recording button on the Test Editor's toolbar.

To continue recording, click Start recording a test Record test actions on the Test Editor's toolbar. TestCafe replays the previous actions and waits for new ones.

During Recording

When TestCafe Studio starts recording, it launches the browser specified in the Record configuration list and starts recording your activity on the tested page.

You can do the following during test recording:

  • Record on-page actions (clicks, drags, key presses, etc.) by interacting with the web page. TestCafe Studio adds these actions with their necessary parameters to the test.

  • Add actions from the Actions panel to the test. To do this, click an action in the Actions panel. The action is added to the end of the test. Then specify the action parameters.

    When you add an on-page action or assertion, you can visually select a target element on the tested page using an element picker. To do this, click the Element picker button in the action parameters' area and click an element on the page.

    When you create an assertion, you can also choose a desired property from the auto-generated property list and see the assertion's status. See Assertion Parameters.

  • View and modify the recorded actions. See Modify Tests.

Modify Tests

You can view and modify recorded tests in the Test Editor both during and after recording by performing the following tasks:

You cannot visually select target elements for actions if you add or modify the actions after recording, you need to specify them manually.