Browser Actions

The Browser Actions category contains actions that control the browser window.

Resize Window

Resizes the browser window to the specified dimensions.

Parameter Type Description
Width Number The width (in pixels).
Height Number The height (in pixels).

Maximize Window

Resizes the browser window to fit the screen.

Resize Window to Fit Device

Resizes the browser window to fit the device's display dimensions.

Parameter Type Description
Device String The device's name. You can select it from the drop-down list.
Portrait Orientation Boolean Specifies whether to use the dimensions of a screen in portrait orientation. If unchecked, it uses the landscape orientation's dimensions.


Navigates the browser to the specified URL.

Parameter Type Description
Url String The URL to navigate to. Absolute or relative to the current page.

Take Screenshot

Takes a screenshot of the tested webpage.

Parameter Type Description
Path (optional) String The screenshot files' relative path and name. Resolved from the screenshot directory specified using the run configuration's Screenshot path option (see Run Configuration Dialog).