Action Parameters

Element Selector

The Element Selector parameter specifies a target element for an on-page action. This parameter accepts a Selector function.

You can set up the Element Selector parameter in one of the following ways:

  • Use an automatically generated selector

    When you interact with a webpage during recording, TestCafe Studio records test actions, automatically generates an element selector for each target element and adds the selector to the Element Selector field.

    Element selector

    TestCafe Studio produces a set of selectors for a target element. These selectors are available in the Element Selector drop-down list.

    Selectors list

  • Generate a selector by picking an element on a webpage

    You can use an element picker to select a target element on the tested webpage during recording. To do this, click the Element Picker button next to the Element Selector field and select the element on the webpage. TestCafe Studio generates the element selector and adds it to the Element Selector field.

    Picking an element

  • Enter a Selector function manually

Other Parameters

Refer to on-page action description for more information on other parameters.